What Kind of Light Are You?

What Kind of Light Are You?

Monday, August 28, 2017


Janet Siler


  1. The Transformative Power of Conflict
    10 Oct, 2017
    The Transformative Power of Conflict
    Conflict. Battle. War. These words evoke harsh images of destroyed cities and ruined lives. Generally, we are not inclined to embrace these things, to willingly invite them into our lives or see them in a positive light. Genuine war and conflict between nations and people are tragedies that have sometimes been necessary. Often, they were preventable. While some have had noble causes, they are seldom worth the destruction and devastation they leave behind. Despite this, there have been relatively
  2. Planning For The Future
    11 Sep, 2017
    Planning For The Future
    Maybe you are just starting out and you don’t know where you want to go, maybe you have changed your mind about where you are, maybe you know where you want to go but you aren’t sure you can get there. Regardless, forging a new path in life can be overwhelming. They say life is a journey and figuring out your life can be a lot like planning a vacation. When my life has gotten off course and I’m starting over for one reason or another, understanding the nature of vacation planning helps me
  3. Faith, Hope and Acceptance: My Journey
    04 Sep, 2017
    Faith, Hope and Acceptance: My Journey
    Faith, hope and acceptance are characteristics that help me maintain a positive attitude and keep me focused on the future. It is my personal belief that these three concepts are necessary for growth and resiliency. They each have a purpose in my journey and knowing which one is needed in each situation has proven invaluable over time. None of us will have a flawless life journey. There will be times where we lose our way, encounter a traffic jam, have an accident or find that we need to choose
  4. Finding What Fits
    21 Aug, 2017
    Finding What Fits
    You know how you feel when everything fits? When you head out into the world in the right outfit that fits just right? It’s like you can do anything, you can take on the world. There’s bounce in your step. There’s nothing worse for your confidence than clothes that don’t fit. Spending your day pulling up your pants, trying to stretch out the waistline or trying not to trip on the pants cuffs does not help you exude anything confidence. Sometimes, when we go shopping, we are fooled in the store.